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Below, we’ll tell you a story about Elizabeth and Edgar. We’ve changed the names for their privacy, but their story – and their plight – is very real. Don’t suffer they way they have…

Elizabeth and Edgar’s Story

LPA Case Study

Elizabeth and Edgar were a married couple in their early 60s. Edgar was looking forward to his retirement to spend more time with his loving wife and family. They’d been together, through good times and not-so-good for over 35 years, and loved their only daughter, Lucy and grandchildren Alison and Mark dearly.

They’d recently seen an estate planning adviser who had talked to them about leaving more money for their daughter and grandchildren, using a Trust which they thought was a great idea. They’d also talked about LPAs. Elizabeth had wanted to go ahead and get everything in place right away, but Edgar had decided they’d “think about it” for now.

Edgar ran a small business, and was getting ready to hand it over to Lucy and his son-in-law, James.

One day as Elizabeth, or “Lizabet” as Edgar called her, was waiting for her husband to come home from work, she got a call. Her blood ran cold as a voice on the other end identified themselves as PC Elaine Harwick and told her Edgar had been involved in a car accident.

Later, in hospital, she looked at the serene face of her husband as the doctor told her that Edgar was in a coma, and they didn’t know when he might come out of it. In fact, Edgar is still in that coma, and Elizabeth visits him often in silent vigil, hoping he can hear her as she tells him about what the grandkids have been up to and what’s been happening on “The Archers” his favourite radio show.

What Edgar doesn’t know, and what Lizabet never tells him is how much she has suffered in the meantime.

If he can hear her he does know that she misses him terribly because she tells him every time. But he doesn’t know about the trauma that’s happened because he didn’t put the LPAs in place. She never tells him how much suffering that’s caused her because she doesn’t want him to worry or feel bad.

However, her suffering has been real and very traumatic.

She has cried many times at how unfair the system is and how unfeeling. At first she was angry and tried to argue that she was Edgar’s wife and she was the only person he would have wanted to take over his affairs and make decisions. It was obvious! Why wouldn’t they listen?

But they didn’t listen and now she has got used to listening, sadly, to them instead as she finds out about decisions they’ve made at the hospital without even consulting her.

She has grown used to the Court of Protection and how every time she has to go there it swallows another huge chunk of their nest egg which they’d planned to leave for Lucy and especially little Alison and Mark. The money has nearly run out now – and they still haven’t granted her deputyship for either Edgar’s finances and business affairs or for decisions about his treatment. 

The lawyers say they probably never will attain her deputyship for treatment issues.

She doesn’t even know how she would ever begin to tell Edgar that the lack of an LPA meant his business, which he worked so hard on for years and years, effectively closed the day he went into his coma because they froze the bank accounts and still haven’t given her control of them.

It’s all too late now. “If only,” she thinks. “Why didn’t we do this when we had then chance. why?”

Today, Elizabeth is constantly worried about money, bills and a complete lack of security and certainty, facing all of this adversity without her husband of 35 years.

When she saw him yesterday, Edgar looked peacefully asleep, as he always does, blissfully unaware of the chaos, trauma and destruction wrought by his oversight…

If only… 

What YOU Can Do To Keep Your Family Safe From This Harm…

Create Health and Welfare LPAs

Because – Without these, your family will NEVER aagin be in control of where you live, how you should be treated medically – and any wishes regarding treatment, what you should eat or who you should have contact with…

Create Property and Finance LPAs

Because – Without these, your family will have to apply to the Court of Protection – at a cost of £5,000 – £10,000 each time – to deal with accessing or running your bank accounts, paying your bills, or making any property or investment decisions. Imagine the expense and stress!

Create LPAs to Deal With Your Business Affairs too

Because – 

Without these, most small businesses will simply close, effectively the moment you lose mental capacity. The bank accounts will be frozen, pending months of applications to the Court of Protection to plead for control.

If your familt relies on the business to pay the mortgage, then they will face eviction from your house in the meantime as there will be nothing to pay that or the household bills. If you have employees they too will be caught up in this chaos and will go unpaid along with any suppliers.

Could your family survive this? Most families couldn’t. 

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