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Estate Plans

Discover How To Protect Your Wealth Like The Aristocracy Do It

There’s a Secret To Keeping Wealth In Your Family Through The Generations.               Would You Like to Know About it..?

Estate Plans are the ultimate protection for you and your family. LPAs are a great place to begin but an Estate Plan is where we can put EVERYTHING in place for you to give you Complete Peace of Mind. Find out how….

Estate Planning – Everything in Place

We understand the kinds of things you’re thinking of and why you’ve come to a website like this to read about how to protect your family and give yourself peace of mind.

We really appreciate that you have come to our website and we hope that you will go on to make the decision to protect your loved ones and your assets with LPA Guardian.

We’re here to provide you with all the components that will do that. Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are a great place to start – and Estate Planning puts all these pieces into place for you, your family and your business.

We believe you will look back on this as one of the wisest decisions you’ve ever made and we know that you will enjoy the complete peace of mind that you will get from using our service.

The information you’re reading now is just the beginning of the journey to that peace of mind.

We’ve organised it to be both logical and in plain English so you can put your finger on any relevant information you need as quickly and easily as possible.

Sometimes with legal matters it isn’t possible to explain concepts without using legal terminology, so we have included a handy Glossary here for you to clarify any legal jargon.

We’ll begin with a section on Things to Consider, which will make it easy for you to start thinking about how to get the protection you need for the particular issues and circumstances that apply to you, your family and also your business.

If you have any questions whatsoever on these points – or, indeed, on anything else on our website, or any other matters related to your estate planning please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are here to provide you with a truly exceptional service, right from the start!

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”
Peter F Drucker

CARE HOME FEES. Bill and Carol lost most of their savings. Find Out What They Could Have Done...

Please don’t let this kind of thing happen to you.  What Happened to Bill and Carol need not happen to you and your family. This scenario, and the pain that comes with it, can be avoided by putting in careful estate planning measures, and we can show you how…

When Disputes Break Families Apart - Ilott v Mitson

If you’re worried about disputes after you’re gone then there are measures that you can take to ensure you have done everything possible to make your wishes clear.  We can advise you on all your options, on ways to minimise exposure and the best way to document how and why you have made your decisions so that there can be no ambiguity if your Will were to be challenged.

The Top 7 Reasons To Make An Estate Plan

Everyone has different needs and priorities, but some common themes emerge when we look at what’s important to our clients. Here are the most popular issues they want to take care of in their Estate Plans. Find Out If You Agree…

Jeremy and Deirdre Pay The Taxman Twice! Don't Do This...

For many people, it’s really important to be able to pass on as much of their hard-earned assets to their children, as well as making life easier for their grandchildren and future generations if they can. Let’s help your family keep as much as possible after you’re gone. Doesn’t that just mkaes sense?

Why Should You Use Us?

Because we love what we do and we do it really well.

We're owned by a husband and wife team who met when qualifying as solicitors in 1992 - so our principals have nearly 58 years' legal experience between them.

Much of this has been at some of the  world's most celebrated law firms - the kind who deal with royalty and the aristocracy. With us, you'll be in the safe hands of lawyers who can normally cost £500 per hour.

So you get Senior Partner level lawyers, but with fees you can afford. Does that sound good?

Brian is a senior lawyer by background. He began legal life at the “magic circle” firm Allen & Overy in the City and is an expert in private client work via his time in several law firms and other commercial activities as a Director.

He finds LPA and estate planning work is the most satisfying of all because:

"When we have finished each client is completeley safe. We've worked with PLCs and the rich and famous, but nothing makes me happier than knowing when I meet my next client that I am going to ensure they get complete peace of mind. I am hoping that next client is YOU..."

Brian McKibbin LLM, ACIARB

Owner, LPA Guardian

Harvinder is a senior partner ex-solicitor who began her career with much success at the world-renowned  Allen & Overy in the City of London.

Harvinder is well known for her work with private clients and brings a profound sense of calm as well as a sincere empathy for their situation and circumstances.

Her experience and general demeanour bring a skilled listener who adds rapport to efficiency.

She says: "I'm looking forward to meeting you, and to making your family fortunes safe and sound."

Harvinder Kaur LLB

Owner, LPA Guardian

A Client Story – Harvinder says:

Daniel contacted me via a listings website called Bark.

He had been advised by his accountant to seek estate planning advice in relation to his two businesses. Daniel was a wealthy single man with two companies, and assets. In common business parlance he was a High Net Worth individual.

His problem was that he was very vulnerable to the taxman, and also because of a lack of a Business Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Without proper Estate Planning, including a Business Will, with the right planning and trusts, he’d lose control of the destination of the wealth he’d worked so hard to create and without LPAs his business was uncomfortably vulnerable to any kind of illness, or accident – even a bad trip or fall – that interfered with Dan’s mental capacity (even for a short while).

I spoke with Daniel on the phone to discuss his situation and then I suggested how to alleviate the risks and threats to his wealth and well being.

I advised putting in place Trust planning, Personal LPAs and Business LPAs, and drafted them to cover Dan’s wishes and give him the peace of mind he was looking for.

While doing so, I obviously had a careful look at his company constitutional documents and was able to advise him that they needed to be updated to meet his objectives and provide for the people, including himself, that he wanted to benefit from his companies.

I drafted a Shareholder Agreement for him, and amended the company Articles so they were again fit for purpose. I also arranged a new share issue for him and took care of all the necessary paperwork and filing requirements at Companies House.

Naturally, I also beat the quotes he’d had from solicitors.

I used to be a Senior Partner Solicitor, and worked for years in the City, so Daniel got a really high quality service but was able to have it for less than a High Street firm would charge him.

Daniel Says:


“I first asked LPA Guardian to advise on preparation of my Estate Plan and LPAs.

This was handled quickly and efficiently and I subsequently asked them to advise on my Company Articles of Association and Shares, which involved drawing up new Articles and Shareholder Agreement.

I strongly recommend this Company and the principal, Harvinder Kaur.” 

Daniel Pope

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