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Business Wills and LPAs

Why Do You Need Them?

Because They Put YOU and Your Loved Ones In Control – not faceless officials…

We know how much you care about your business and that’s why we are so passionate about helping you to avoid the heartache that will ensue if you don’t make a Business Will and  appropriate LPAs, and then you need them… Because we know something you probably don’t…

Business Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney

You Want Your Business To Carry On and Provide Income and Employment for Your Loved Ones and Employees If You Lose Mental Capacity… Don’t You?

Often we’re so wrapped up in making sure our business is running smoothly and making money that we forget unfortunate things happen to the living and it’s important to plan for every eventuality.

We can lose mental capacity in an instant, young or old. 

Age UK says:

“Don’t Assume

If you’re married or in a civil partnership, you may have assumed that your spouse would automatically be able to deal with your bank account and pensions, and make decisions about your healthcare, if you lose the ability to do so.

This is not the case. Without an LPA, they won’t have the authority.”

All this is doubly important when it comes to your business because if the unthinkable were to happen to you then something truly unthinkable will probably happen to your business and the income your family and employees rely on. So…

What Happens If You Don’t Take Care of This?

Health and Welfare LPAs

Without these, your family will NEVER again be in control of where you live, how you should be treated medically – and any wishes regarding treatment, what you should eat or who you should have contact with…

Property and Financial Affairs LPAs

Without these, your family will have to apply to the Court of Protection – at a cost of £5,000 to £10,000 each time – to deal with accessing or running your bank accounts, paying your bills, or making any property or investment decisions. Imagine the expense and stress!

Business LPAs

Without these, most small businesses will simply close, effectively the moment you lose mental capacity. The bank accounts will be frozen, pending months of applications to the Court of Protection to plead for control.

If your familt relies on the business to pay the mortgage, then they will face eviction from your house in the meantime as there will be nothing to pay that or the household bills. If you have employees they too will be caught up in this chaos and will go unpaid along with any suppliers.

Could your family survive this? Most families couldn’t. 

Business Wills

Without these, most small businesses will decend into total chaos.

Without you, who will run the business? Who will make decisions? What about long-term Succession Planning?

Do you intend for the taxman to get a juicy dividend or would you rather the capital and assets stayed with your family?

Lots of important questions for your family. If you know the answers, great. Most people don’t. 

Why Should You Use Us?

Because we love what we do and we do it really well.

We're owned by a husband and wife team who met when qualifying as solicitors in 1992 - so our principals have nearly 58 years' legal experience between them.

Much of this has been at some of the  world's most celebrated law firms - the kind who deal with royalty and the aristocracy. With us, you'll be in the safe hands of lawyers who can normally cost £500 per hour.

So you get Senior Partner level lawyers, but with fees you can afford. Does that sound good?

Brian is a senior lawyer by background. He began legal life at the “magic circle” firm Allen & Overy in the City and is an expert in private client work via his time in several law firms and other commercial activities as a Director.

He finds LPA and estate planning work is the most satisfying of all because:

"When we have finished each client is completeley safe. We've worked with PLCs and the rich and famous, but nothing makes me happier than knowing when I meet my next client that I am going to ensure they get complete peace of mind. I am hoping that next client is YOU..."

Brian McKibbin LLM, ACIARB

Owner, LPA Guardian

Harvinder is a senior partner ex-solicitor who began her career with much success at the world-renowned  Allen & Overy in the City of London.

Harvinder is well known for her work with private clients and brings a profound sense of calm as well as a sincere empathy for their situation and circumstances.

Her experience and general demeanour bring a skilled listener who adds rapport to efficiency.

She says: "I'm looking forward to meeting you, and to making your family fortunes safe and sound."

Harvinder Kaur LLB

Owner, LPA Guardian

Disaster Can Happen To Anyone, At Anytime…

To illustrate that life can turn at any time, we can use Michael Schumacher as an example. Here was a very wealthy man, in the prime of life, who seemed untouchable almost.  Having retired from a dangerous career, he was on a seemingly risk-free family skiing holiday and – because of a stumble over an awkwardly placed rock – one second he was a “Master of the Universe”, a second later, he’d lost consciousness and his “mental capacity”, most probably forever.

Once you have lost mental capacity it is too late 

Some of the most common conditions affecting mental capacity include: stroke, coma, delirium, concussion, severe mental health problems, neuro-disability/brain injury, alcohol and drug misuse, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The clear point is that life is precious and we are very fragile beings. Circumstances can change in an instant. An LPA protects a family from catastrophe, and the right time to do one is now, regardless of what age you are. 

LPAs – what you need to know

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) gives another individual the legal authority to look after specific aspects of your financial affairs or health and welfare should you lose the capacity to do so.

Put simply, if you do not have an LPA in place and later become mentally incapacitated, relatives may face long delays and expense in applying to the courts to get access and take control of your assets and finances and to make medical decisions.

There are 2 types of LPA that deal with financial aspects and health related issues respectively.

  1. Financial – Property and Financial Affairs LPA

This allows your appointed Attorney to make decisions and deal with such issues as:

  • buying and selling your property
  • dealing with your bills
  • running your bank accounts
  • and investing your money
  1. Health – Personal Welfare LPA

We’ll go into more detail below but not having the power of attorney means the surviving spouse will essentially never again be able to make decisions on:

  • where you should live
  • how you should be treated medically
  • what you should eat 
  • and who you should have contact with.

Imagine having to deal with the loss of control over these things on top of the awful set of circumstances that has deprived you of your spouse in the first place.

What Happens Without an LPA?

Most people just assume their spouse or partner will be able to step in and act in the stead of the mentally incapacitated other half and things will go on as normal.

Unfortunately this is completely wrong. 

If, for example,a husband loses mental capacity with no LPA in favour of his wife then:

  • everything shuts down. 
  • In order to access his bank account or make any financial decisions the wife will need to make an application to the Court of Protection.

Sadly, the Court of Protection is a time and money pit.

It costs many thousands of pounds to make applications to it, and families very often have to make several applications, causing untold distress.

At the end of this process, there is no guarantee that the Court will give you the right to look after your loved one’s affairs – they may:

  • choose someone else that they feel is more suitable; or place limitations on what you can do.

Neither of these scenarios is ideal when you just want to get on with your lives and the only way to avoid this is to put LPAs in place while you can.

Let us tell you a story that should resonate with you.

It’s a real life story of a husband and wife who could have avoided tragedy – if only…

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